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My name is Behdad or you can go by calling me by my nickname Bee… partly because I have a hard time pronouncing it myself. I’ve been contemplating putting my energy into a blog and finally decided it was time to share some of my learnings, thoughts and ideas with the world. Even if it’s just a couple people. 

For my friends who know me, I’m someone that has a lot of energy and passion in the things that I do. One of the things that makes me extremely happy is when I can help the people around me step into their full potential. I love seeing people succeed, and it excites me to my core.


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This blog is going to be all about learning new things, sharing new ideas, and looking at different perspectives in hopes that I can connect with like minded people who want to do the same. 

A little bit about me, I was born and raised in Canada, and my parents are persian. Though I speak english well and Farsi a little funny. I studied engineering in university and when I was 20 I got Crohn’s disease. No, don’t be upset about that, it is actually one of the best things that happened to me. Because of Crohn’s I realized that the world wasn’t what I thought it was and began this period of learning and growth. I’ve been off pills for Crohn’s for over 8 years now and hoping to keep it that way. I love playing all sports, soccer, volleyball, tennis, ping pong, skiing and the list can go on. I also spend a lot of my time reading and growing. 

Currently I work two jobs and I guess this blog is going to be three- except I want it to be something I enjoy doing and post when I feel I have something to share. I work as a sales engineer for TELUS and also am the Founder of CJam Marketing ,where I work as a marketing broker connecting business to marketing agencies. Some other titles I’ve held over the last decade have been, personal trainer, Innovation Center Manager, Podcaster and more. 

Anyways enough about me, I’m hoping to share things of interest and value to my reader and hope to engage as much as I can with you. Please sign up to my email list and when I write something or do a video you will be updated. I don’t have  set schedule I follow except that I’ll only write and do things when they are of value!

Looking forward to growing with you!

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