Investing Strategy 101

Set it and Forget It.

A simple investing strategy that will change your life.

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A 1-hour online course done at your own pace.

Don’t leave hundreds of thousands on the table.

Like most people, your parents and school likely failed to teach you the basics of investing. As a result, you probably don’t know how to save and invest properly, losing you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Learn to save, invest and retire comfortably — or buy that luxury car or summer home you desire.

Banks make vast sums of money off interest rates, and you can do the same with investing.

Imagine yourself, after 10, 15, or 20 years of strategically letting your money grow, opening up your banking app, and seeing more than a million dollars sitting in your account for retirement.

You’ll have the financial freedom to pursue your hobbies and passions, travel, or whatever you enjoy.

Safe, long-term investing: For you and your loved ones.

This course teaches you simple, clear and easy-to-understand steps so you can strategically start investing in index funds.

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What will you
gain from the course?


More than 90% of the population about investing


Your first dollar


Your financial retirement plan


Resources and checklists to get started

The legendary Warren Buffet explained:

“The average investor shouldn’t play the market, but instead invest in index funds.”

That’s exactly what this course will teach you.

The Mission

My mission is to make 100 people more financially secure by teaching 10 years of experience in 1 hour.

I’m Bee, and I’m an entrepreneur, business consultant, and engineer. I’m excited to share the tools I use to become financially free. I just wish we were taught these things sooner.

*Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor.

The material in this course will help you establish a base line of financial knowledge you can use to invest yourself or better assess which advisors can help you in the future.

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Many find
investing intimidating.

I’ve broken the topics down to show you investing can be easy:

How much does this
course cost?

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I want this course to be accessible to all so I made it free and moved it to google drive to keep costs low.

See what my students have to say

Sharzad F
Sharzad F
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This is a no-brainer – sign up, you won’t regret it!

I actually work in the finance sector but was embarrassed to admit that I knew very little about investing. This course his given me the knowledge and tools I need to feel confident taking the first step!

Behdad touched on all the important subjects, while keeping the content engaging and concise. The topics were easy to follow and he even provided additional resources to facilitate further learning and support!

This wasn’t my first attempt at learning about investing, but it was the first time that someone was able to help me make sense of such a tough subject.

I highly recommend that everyone takes this course to gain the financial literacy needed to start planning for their future!
Kate T
Kate T
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What a valuable, knowledge-packed course!

I know Behdad personally, and it always astonished me how he figured out life already, including finances. Once, he mentioned that investing is not complicated and everyone can do it, to which I thought: "That's probably not me, though." For me, finances and investment topics have always been so scary, so I preferred not to get into it at all.

I am so happy that I went ahead with the course. Behdad explained everything extremely well so that even I, a complete newbie, felt like I can now invest and be better with my finances.

Highly, highly recommend it if you want to learn from the best!
Ali F
Ali F
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This course gave me the confidence and tools to finally start investing in my future!

Financial investment has always been an anxious topic of mine. Largely due to the lack of knowledge and as time went on it became more and more embarrassing to admit how little I actually knew. When my close friend Behdad provided me with an opportunity to finally learn about investment and how to finally make money work for me, I was uneasy due to the topic, but knew I had to sign up.

This course was phenomenal, it gave me the foundation and confidence I needed to begin investing for my future immediately! Behdad had an incredible knowledge of the subject and answered all my questions in a way that helped me grasp the information provided.

This course was invaluable and I highly recommend anyone who is unfamiliar about the investing topic and wants to change that!


Take the first step to a more financially secure future.

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