My experience overcoming Crohn’s disease

Bee training in the gym during Crohn's flare-up

If you or someone you know are struggling with digestion, stomach issues, and just overall well-being, then this blog post is for you. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s when I was 19 and over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time, money ($20,000 +), and grit trying to figure it out. Below are just […]

9 reasons why getting a counsellor is the best decision

Picture of Bee over another person who is getting counselling

Your first thought to this blog might be, “I don’t need therapy, and who are you to say that I do? There is nothing wrong with me.” If you are someone who wants the most out of life, to understand who you are, to maximize your happiness, I truly believe you will benefit from having […]

Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear – Book Review

Big Magic Book Cover

Book Review: Big Magic This was a book that I did not want to read. Have you ever looked at a book, read its description, and thought, “I bet this would be a waste of time”?  I try to be aware of my judgments and give things a chance. I’m thankful I did because this […]

The trait I prize the most. Grit.

When I think about all the traits instilled in me by my parents, one stands out for me the most: grit. For me,  grit is the trait that enables you to push through things you don’t want to do. Grit always pushes me forward. If I have an issue that I know will challenge me […]

Welcome to Being Bee

Welcome to my blog Ola, My name is Behdad or you can go by calling me by my nickname Bee… partly because I have a hard time pronouncing it myself. I’ve been contemplating putting my energy into a blog and finally decided it was time to share some of my learnings, thoughts and ideas with […]