Book review – The courage to be disliked

Picture of the book, courage to be disliked

Do you have the courage to be disliked? Your mind starts to race and you feel a bit nauseous as one of your friends tells you that someone dislikes you. You try to think about all the ways you can do something to change the feeling or you go into anger and say, “I don’t […]

Book Review – Richer Wiser Happier

Investing is something that most people are afraid of. Richer Wiser Happier I mean I can remember when the 2008 financial crisis happened and people were worried about their jobs and survival. Being young during that time, left an impression. Over the last 10 years though, I’ve learned a lot more about investing and was […]

Why you shouldn’t avoid conflict in friendships

Picture of Bee and his friends on the steps in Montreal

Take a second and think about all the friendships you have built  and the ones you have lost. How do you view your friendships and how have you dealt with any conflict?   Friends are amazing, especially when we find ones that click with our personality. They bring a sense of joy to our lives: […]

The Story Of Becoming An Expert Generalist

My energy comes from learning multiple topics Looking at my childhood, nothing about it told me I was going to be who I am today. Growing up, I enjoyed playing outside with friends, and when inside I’d play video games. I also made sure to do all the homework I got from school, plus the […]

Better and faster – The proven path to unstoppable ideas – Book Review

Book Review: Better and Faster I remember being given this book by someone and setting it aside on my bookshelf for 5 years. Man, I wish I had read this one sooner. From a business standpoint, this has changed my perspective on how I see businesses, marketing and opportunities. Heck, because of this book, on […]

3 things I’ve learned about perspective

Bee looking at waterfall signifying perspective

Have you given any thought to where your perspective came from? Have you had moments where you think you know what is going to happen or feel you have a solid understanding of the world until something changes your perspective on it?  Which then made you question, what else am I missing?  When thinking about […]