Inspiring Growth 

Through Experience

My Goal is Simple!

To inspire growth in just two people by sharing my experiences, knowledge, and thoughts.

Note! This goal will double as I hit my goal

Who am I – Bee?

I believe life is all about exploring and doing a variety of different things such as, jobs, courses, meeting people and picking up different experiences. So that one day you look at a problem, challenge or a job and say….

I’m perfect for this.

I’ve come to learn that when I’m learning and growing,  I feel the most alive and energized. What adds to this is when I share this with friends and family to help them overcome obstacles or open them up to new ways of thinking. This is what I hope my blog provides to the world. The chance to help open others to new ways of thinking.I know through this process I’ll learn even more!

Many people share about how they “made it” —  I want to share how I explore the process of what “making it” means for me.

Is this Blog for you?

If you identify yourself with any of the below, I think we will get along great!

Growth-minded individual that is open to learning and sharing

Want to see authentic content that speaks openly and transparently

On the quest to find what you are passionate about

Enjoy learning from others peoples experiences

What topics will the blog cover?


Check out the latest mind share below.

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Bee Thinks

Welcome to Being Bee

Welcome to my blog Ola, My name is Behdad or you can go by calling me by my nickname Bee… partly because I have a

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Grow Into The Best Version Of Yourself

Did you know that you are a collection of what you experience and read?

Of course, you do.

Why not make what you read, content that changes your perspective and allows you to grow into someone people look up to?

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